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2010 Course Handbook

Master of Consulting

Abbreviation: MCons


The Master of Consulting degree prepares students for a consulting career in the information technology industry. Coursework includes a wide selection of units in advanced areas of information technology. The degree culminates with two semesters of industry placement to gain real-world experience, combined with material specific to the roles and responsibilities of consultants. Applicants for this degree will usually be interviewed to determine suitability for industry placement. Note: Candidates who fail more than one unit in this program will not be permitted to proceed in their studies. Candidates in this situation may be allowed to complete with the award of Postgraduate DipIoma in Information Technology, providing that they have met all the requirements for that award.

General Requirements

  1. Minimum number of credit points: 48
  2. and completion of other specific requirements as set out in the Schedule of Postgraduate Programs