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2010 Course Handbook

Master of Economics

Abbreviation: MEc


The Master of Economics by coursework program provides students who have a background in economics or a related discipline with an opportunity to develop a graduate specialisation in economics. The program offers a wide range of units designed for students to learn the theoretical and applied aspects of modern economics at an advanced level. Students may include in their program a research project so that they can be prepared for a career in a research area or for further study towards a higher degree. Applicants who have not studied macroeconomics and microeconomics at intermediate level are recommended to enrol in the Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Economics or Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Economics. All units undertaken in those programs, except the required units ECON822 Microeconomics and ECON823 Macroeconomics, will be credited towards the Master of Economics.

General Requirements

  1. Minimum number of credit points: 32
  2. and completion of other specific requirements as set out in the Schedule of Postgraduate Programs


No programs of study available.