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2010 Course Handbook

Master of Politics and Public Policy

Abbreviation: MPP


The Master of Politics and Public Policy is designed to develop an understanding of the structure and processes of policy formulation and implementation from an Australian perspective. The units of the program are located within the context of political science. The program is appropriate for those who see a future as practitioners in public, voluntary or political work. It may also be useful preparation for those who intend further study and research in political science. Students with little familiarity with Australian political institutions may be required to complete POL892 Special Seminar---Topics in Australian Politics, at the beginning of their program. This unit introduces the main features of the Australian political system and compares them with the political features of other countries. It will not count for credit.

General Requirements

  1. Minimum number of credit points: 32
  2. and completion of other specific requirements as set out in the Schedule of Postgraduate Programs