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2010 Course Handbook

Master of Radiopharmaceutical Science

Abbreviation: MRadiopharmSc


This degree has been developed in collaboration with the professional Radiopharamaceutical Scientists in the Australian community to train graduates with a chemistry or biomolecular sciences background in the uses of radiopharamaceuticals in diagnostic and therapeutic medicine. Whilst it caters for those intending to enter the profession, it will also be highly attractive to other potential students with a similar background. The degree reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the profession, providing a highly integrative course that spans physics, chemistry, biomolecular sciences and medicine. It encompasses nuclear science, radiation safety and chemistry particularly relevant to drug design and the radiolabelling of molecules and biological macromolecules. It contains a component of laboratory management, with emphasis on quality control, quality assurance and documentation to a standard required by external auditing authorities. Importantly, it also aims to develop research skills, including literature searches, project planning, experimental design, statistical analysis and scientific communication.

General Requirements

  1. Minimum number if credit points 48
  2. and completion of specific minimum requirements as set out below