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2010 Course Handbook

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Education

Abbreviation: PGDipEnvEd


The program is an abbreviated version of the Master of Environmental Education program described above and combines units in environmental education and environmental studies. It focuses on the interdisciplinary approach to studying the environment and the educational objectives are as for MEnvEd. Please note: Articulation to the Masters program will be permitted when a minimum of four credit points or a GPA of 2.5 over four units is attained. Please note: Graduates with a Science degree may substitute the core unit GSE803 with an alternative science unit, eg GSE804, GSE805 etc. This applies to requirement GSE803 in all Graduate School of the Environment programs.

General Requirements

  1. Minimum number of credit points: 32
  2. and completion of other specific requirements as set out in the schedule of Postgraduate Programs