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2010 Course Handbook

Postgraduate Diploma in Special Education

Abbreviation: PGDipSpecEd


The Postgraduate Diploma provides a coherent program of study in special education to prepare students for the advanced professional duties of a qualified Special Educator. The course structure and content is philosophically based upon a contemporary view of applied behaviour analysis. Candidates should have a genuine interest in special education and a respect for the dignity and rights of all people to learn, regardless of their physical or intellectual disabilities or other special needs. A prior teaching qualification is not required unless applicants want to work as a special education teacher in schools. Career opportunities exist in a wide range of special education and disability settings from the preschool years to adulthood. Candidates successfully completing the requirements for a Postgraduate Diploma may have these units credited towards the Master of Special Education (upon admission to the Masters program).

General Requirements

  1. Minimum number of credit points: 24
  2. and completion of other specific requirements as set out in the schedule of Postgraduate Programs