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2010 Course Handbook

INRE26P - Law - coursework and legal research dissertation (Postgraduate Study Pattern)

Major: International Relations and Trade Law
Area of Study: International Relations
Degree: MIR MITCL - Master of International Relations Master of International Trade and Commerce Law
Offered By: The Faculty of Arts
The Faculty of Business and Economics
Admission Requirements: Bachelor degree
Attendance Modes:



Study Loads:

Full Time (1.5)

Part Time

Commencing Study Periods:



General Requirements

Minimum number of credit points 48
and completion of other specific requirements as set out below

Specific Requirements

800 level
Required IRPG841 Theories of International Relations (4) 4
Required IRPG849 International Political Economy (4) 4
Required IRPG857 International Law and Institutions (4) 4
Required LAW863 Legal Research Dissertation (Half Year) Part A (4) 4
Required LAW864 Legal Research Dissertation (Half Year) Part B (4) 4
Required 16 cp fromLAW852 Trade and Environment Law (4)
LAW853 Comparative Environmental Law (4)
LAW860 International Environmental Law (4)
LAW867 Water and Marine Biodiversity Law (4)
LAW868 Electronic Commerce and the Law (4)
LAW869 Law, Globalisation and Cultural Transformations (4)
BUSL832 Business Transactions Law (4)
BUSL833 Business Property Law (4)
BUSL834 Law of Business Enterprises (4)
BUSL848 International Commercial Arbitration (4)
BUSL851 International Trade Law (4)
BUSL852 Trade Practices Law (4)
BUSL853 World Trade Organisation Law (4)
BUSL854 Chinese Commercial Law (4)
BUSL860 Banking and Finance Law (4)
BUSL861 Financial Services Law (4)
BUSL862 Insurance Law (4)
BUSL863 Corporate and Market Law and Regulation (4)
BUSL864 International Banking and Finance Law (4) 16
Required 12 cp fromIRPG830 The Politics of International Human Rights Law (4)
IRPG831 International Security (4)
IRPG832 The European Union and the International System (4)
IRPG833 The USA in the International System (4)
IRPG837 International Politics and Economics of East Asia and the Pacific (4)
IRPG838 International Internship Program (4)
IRPG840 The International System (4)
IRPG843 International Relations of the Middle East (4)
IRPG844 The Asian-Pacific Region and Australia (4)
IRPG848 Researching International Relations (4)
IRPG855 Globalisation and the North-South Relationship (4)
MHPG856 The World Since 1750 (4) 12
Balance of credit points required0