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2010 Course Handbook

SOCS06P - Social Science (Postgraduate Study Pattern)

Major: Social Science
Area of Study: Social Science
Degree: PGCertPASR - Postgraduate Certificate in Policy and Applied Social Research
Offered By: The Faculty of Arts
Admission Requirements: Bachelor degree or equivalent
Attendance Modes:


Study Loads:

Part Time (1.0)

Commencing Study Periods:



General Requirements

Minimum number of credit points 12
and completion of other specific requirements as set out below

Specific Requirements

300 level
Required 8 cp fromSOC810 Developing Social Policy (4)
SOC818 Evaluation and the Policy Process (4)
SOC825 Activism and Policy Design (4)
SOC830 Doing Social Survey Research (4)
SOC831 Qualitative Methods (4)
SOC863 Social Care and Human Services (4)
SOC865 Political Economy for Social Policy and Research (4)
SOC866 Sociology of Work and Employment (4) 8
Required 4 cp fromAny units listed above OR
ANTH800 Applied Anthropology: Why Does Culture Matter? (4)
ANTH805 Migration and Transnationalism (4)
ANTH808 Urban Anthropology: Identity and the City (4)
ANTH815 Development Theory and Practice (4)
ANTH816 Culture, Health and Disease (4)
ANTH818 Anthropology of Aid, Human Rights and Intervention (4)
ANTH821 Indigenous Interests and Identities (4)
ANTH840 Refugees and Resettlement (4)
HGEO802 Social Impact Assessment and Cross Cultural Negotiation (4)
HGEO803 Cultural Issues in Wildlife Management (4)
HGEO809 Globalisation and Sustainable Development (4)
HGEO812 Urban Social Impact Assessment (4)
POL802 Comparative Public Policy (4)
POL820 Politics and Policy: Theory and Applications (4)
POL821 Case Studies in Politics and Policy (4)
POL825 Health Policy (4)
POL826 Gender and Policy (4)
POL827 Public Policy and International Law (4)
POL828 Policy-making and Public Opinion (4)
POL833 Intergovernmental Relations (4)
POL836 Accountability (4)
POL856 Politics of Communications Policy (4)
SOC849 Professional Internships in Social Research (4) 4
Balance of credit points required0